1864: Uriah Wright Stratton to Lovica Stratton

This letter was written by Uriah Wright Stratton (1839-1923), the son of Samuel C. Stratton (1814-1889) and Anne Delistore. The letter was written a little over a month after Uriah was wounded on 18 June 1864 in the assault on Petersburg in which 31 members of his regiment were killed, and 80 were wounded — 65 of whom recovered. It is reported that he was wounded in the left leg and lost the small finger of his left hand in the battle. The following biography comes from a history of Allegany County:

Another soldier (Pvt. Lamb) from the 109th NY Vols.

Stratton was born in Wayland, N. Y., Dec. 2, 1839. In 1850 his family moved to Bolivar and his father died there in February, 1889. His mother died in February, 1895.

Uriah W. Stratton enlisted Sept. 27, 1861, in the 85th N. Y., and was discharged June 6th, 1862, on account of sickness. July 11, 1863, he was drafted and joined Co. H, 109th N. Y., and served until the close of the war. He was in all the battles in which his regiment was engaged, and was wounded at Petersburg June 18, 1864. In April, 1865, he was made assistant quartermaster under Gen. Hines and transferred to the 51st N. Y. He was honorably discharged Aug. 9, 1865.

He is a member of E. Seaman Post, No. 481, G. A. R. of Andover. In 1865 Mr. Stratton married Doroleski Beebe, daughter of Prentice Beebe, and has three children, Lottie, Mary and Belle. Mary was graduated from Alfred University in drawing and painting in June, 1893. Mr. Stratton is one of the pioneers in cheesemaking. In 1866 he established a cheese factory at Wirt and has been in the business ever since and now operates one factory in Andover and one in Wellsville. –Burdick, T. A. “Andover – Early and Later Settlers.” In Allegany County and its People. A Centennial Memorial History of Allegany County, New York (also) Histories of the Towns of the County, by John S. Minard, 579–596. Alfred, N.Y.: W. A. Fergusson & Co., 1896.

1864 Letter by Uriah W. Stratton


Addressed to Miss Lovica Stratton, Alma, Allegany County, New York

Chestnut Hill Hospital
Philadelphia [Pennsylvania]
July 23rd 1864

Dear friends,

Page 1

It is with pleasure that I take my pen to write you a few lines to inform you where I am and how I am getting along, I am getting along first rate. I came here yesterday and expect to stay here some time but can not tell. They say all that come here from Washington will stay 5o days before they are sent away but this military is an uncertain thing. We can’t tell much about it. I have written so many letters since I have had any from you. I shall expect one as long as the York and Erie Railroad but let it come for I have nothing else to do but read and write.

Page 2

In my last letter I sent $10 dollars. Please write and let me know whether you got it or not. Write and let me know how father gets along in haying and in fact, all of the news. I shall make this letter short for I have several others to write this morning. When you write, direct in this way: U. W. Straton, Chestnut Hill Hospital, Philadelphia, PA., Ward C.

I can not think of any more at present, so goodbye. Write soon. This from your brother, — U. W. Stratton


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