1851: Unknown woman to Charles A. Loomis

These two letters were written to Michigan State Senator Charles A. Loomis (1816-1898), the son of New York State politician Chester Loomis (1789-1873) and Hannah Hobart (1791-1865) — the daughter of Rev. William Hobart, after whom Hobart College is named. Charles was a lawyer and enjoyed political success in Michigan until he suffered from declining health. He remained a bachelor all of his life.

We learn from these two letters that Charles was pursued by a woman in 1851 who claimed Charles was abusive to her and ridiculed her publicly. She refused to sign her name so as to preserve her dignity.

Stampless Letter


Addressed to Hon. Charles A. Loomis, St. Clair, Michigan

Romeo, Michigan
June 2, 1851

Charles Loomis,

If you only knew how wretched I am, you never would blame me for writing to you. It is neither your _____, family, or education, I know not what it is. You abuse me so much when I am where you are that I am wretched with you and I am wretched and unhappy away from you. Where to go and what to do. To forget you, I know not. I have no wish to afflict you. Still I am very self-afflicted beyond description.

Is it money that you want? Though I am poor myself, I can put you in possession of wealth that no other woman could do, and more than your father can give you no matter how much you may please him. I never can say to you what I wish for you expose me so much to the contempt of others. You can secure Mr. D friendship an acquaintance, loan his money and land and make yourself richer than in any other way.

Now don’t go & show this to all the Ladies in St. Clair. I have some delicacy left yet though it is my misfortune to love you and you have taken pains to make me an object of ridicule and contempt in the eyes of your friends. I am ______ detained at Mr. Hobb’s till after the D___  ___ or I should have left this state. Tomorrow Mr. & Mrs. Hall come with me five miles to this place that I might see it. Some of these days I hope to seize writing to you when I am so far from you that I cannot.

I will not subscribe my name to this letter for you expose me so much to a world that knows little of the purity of this heart and can not feel for me. I want you to read this however imperfect it may be.

Charles Loomis, I both fear you & love you. I fear you because you abuse me when I am where you are, and love you I know not for what.

Stampless Letter


Addressed to Charles A. Loomis, St. Clair, Michigan

Postmarked Mount Clemens, Michigan, June 2

Charles A. Loomis,

You will regret your abuse to me and the time is not far off, I can assure you.

I think your abuse is intolerable. Now remember what I tell you. We’ll see the day you will regret it.

Your abuse is beyond a description. There is not a man on the globe could treat me as you have.

Forgive me, I did not mean to join you by going to St. Claire.


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