1831: Rev. Charles Walker to Rev. Absalom Peters

This letter was written by Rev. Charles Walker, D. D., the secretary of the Vermont Domestic Missionary Society in 1831. He was born in Woodstock, Conn., in 1791. He studied theology at Andover (Mass.) Theological Seminary, graduating in 1821. He was ordained pastor of the Congregational Church in Rutland, Vermont, on January 1, 1823, and was dismissed March 14, 1833. He was installed over the Congregational Church in (the east village of) Brattleboro, January 1, 1835, and was dismissed February 11, 1846, and on the 27th of December of the same year was installed over the Congregational Church in Pittsford, and was dismissed December 6, 1864. He received the honorary degree of A. M. from the University of Vermont in 1823, and from Middlebury and Dartmouth Colleges in 1825, and that of D. D. from the University of Vermont in 1847. He delivered the annual election sermon before the Legislature of Vermont in 1829, which was published, as were also some of his occasional sermons. He died in Binghamton, November 28, 1870.

Stampless Letter


Addressed to Rev. Absalom Peters, Sec., American Home Mission Society, 144 Nassau Street, New York [City]

Rev. Absalom Peters,

Page 1

Dear Brother, in complying with your second call, I would remark that if I had been in possession of your last report & had known the manner of complying with the request in Mr. Hall’s ____, I should not have _____. It looked to me, in the midst of a pressure of labor, like a formidable job to make out a full report of the doings of our society for a year, comprising a part of what must be contained in our next. I did not see, moreover, and do I now see, how the “stipulations &c.” between our Societies obliged me to furnish such a report. It is the duty of the auxiliary to furnish the parent Society with a copy of its annual report, the state of the Treasurey, &c. I forwarded to you a copy of our annual report some time since. It appears that you have not received it & I will send another. Still it was not because I thought that duty did not oblige me to do it, that I declined complying with your request. It was merely the pressure of other duties & what by misunderstanding I conceived the formidable labor. I should be glad to do more, far more, for the Vermont Domestic Missionary Society & for your beloved Society than I do now, & [more] than I am now expected to do; and seek labors consistent with my other duties.

Bottom Page 1

I am dissatisfied with the manner in which the business of our Society has been c___ to a considerable extent, & yet, on account of the many calls on my time, I think from the labor of effecting a reformation. It appears that most of our missionaries have been instructed by the former Secretary, not to report only semiannually & some of them only annually. What this has been done for, I know not, except it be to save labor & expense. We have had no agencies to collect funds for two years, & I fear a deficiency. I have written to the Secretary of Windsor Co. Association to have him send me a statement of their affairs.

Yours truly, — Charles Walker, Sec. Vermont Domestic Missionary Society

[Segments of Report follow]





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