1844: Allen Weigley to William Miller Weigley

How 23 year-old Allen Weigley might have looked in 1844

This letter was written by Allen Weigley (1821-1897) to his brother William Miller Weigley (1818-1887), a merchant and Post Master of Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania. They were two of at least 11 children born to Jacob Adam Weigley (1789-1880) and Catherine Miller (1792-1869) of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.

A descendant claims that, “William Miller Weigley was reported to have married an older rich Philadelphia widow. This enabled him to build a big house in Schaefferston,which we used to call the Weigley Mansion.” He married Anna Rex, youngest daughter of Abraham Rex of Schaefferstown.

Allen Weigley married Ann Elizabeth English of Jonestown, Pennsylvania, in November 1857.

Stampless Cover


Addressed to Mr. W. M. Weigley, P.M. [Post Master], Schaefferstown, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania

Rock Island [Illinois]
May 19th 1844


1844 Letter

I have lived for some time in this place and have been traveling over the country pretty much in north western part of Illinois and Iowa Territory, and I believe it is the finest country in the United States, and in what respect I have not time to tell you at present.

For a businessman, there is no situation to be had by no means nor anything of that kind. There are hundreds of young men offer themselves for nothing. And all kinds of hands are much plentier there in the East.

I wish you would send me a letter to Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio. There I expect to be in about two weeks and let me know of the affairs at home and if you have any papers to send.

It is not worthwhile to tell you anything of my history because it is too long. I never get an opportunity to write a letter. If I do, I shall send you a letter. — Allen Weigley


4 responses to “1844: Allen Weigley to William Miller Weigley

  • Mary Weigley

    I’m a Weigley descendant and would like to know about the image with this information. Was it taken from a real photograph?

    • Griff

      The image is real but it is not Allan Weigley — only an image of a young man from the period whom I imagined Allan might look like even though 1844 is a little early for photography. If you have a photograph of him I might use instead, please consider sharing it. Thanks for your comment. I hope the letter was useful to you. — Griff

  • Ann L. Bomberger Watson

    Researching the bombergers of Schaefferstown. Was there a Bomberger and Weigley business?

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