1847: Albert Atkins to Volney Stow

"a judge of horse-flesh."

“Hale says you are a judge of good horse-flesh.”

This letter was written by Albert Atkins (1804-18xx), the son of Ithamar Atkins (1757-1829) and Anna Hubbard (1762-1838) of Middletown, Connecticut. Albert married Susan E. Hale who was probably related to the Hale mentioned in the letter.

Albert wrote the letter to Volney Stow (1801-18xx), the son of Elihu Elisha Stow and Mary Parsons of Middletown, Connecticut. By the 1830s, Volney was residing in Granville, Hampden County, Massachusetts.

Stampless Letter


Addressed to Mr. Volney Stow, Esq., East Granville, Conn. [Massachusetts]

Middletown [Connecticut]
August 16, 1847

Dear Sir,


Mr. Hale & myself each are without a horse and he (Hale) is desirous that I should write to you as he says you are a good judge of horse-flesh and ask you to inform us whether we can obtain in your section of country a couple of good young horses or a couple of good colts — say as old as 3 past or 4. Don’t care whether they are broke or not and the prices if there are any such to be purchase in your town or adjoining. We are through haying nearly and in about a week would like to be in pursuit of one each. And if there should be good horses in your country we should like to lend our course in that direction. I will not think it too much of a favor to ask you to answer this interrogation on the reception of this and oblige your obedient servant, — Albert Atkins

I will say your friends here are in usual health. Grandmother is pretty smart this summer. Please remember me and white head (“and that’s good as any”) to your lady, Aunt Flow and friends.

Yours, A. Atkins


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