1849: Bowman Florence to Alexander Dale

Alexander Dale Grave Marker

This letter was written by Bowman Florence (1815-Aft1885), the son of William B. Florence (1789-1842) and Esther McGowan (1783-18xx). Bowman married Eliza Ann Crady (1816-1844) in 1837. After her death, Bowman married Emily Duncan (1818-1864).

Bowman wrote the letter to his uncle, Alexander Dale (1786-1854) — the son of George and Hannah (Phillips) Dale — and to his third wife, Margaret Powell Morgan (1779-1859). Alexander and Margaret Dale had a son named Albert P. Dale (1840-1862) who served in Co. H., 21st Indiana, and was killed in a battle near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on 5 December 1862.

Bowman references his cousin Washington Dale (1813-1852) in the letter. Washington was Alexander Dale’s first son by his first wife, Sarah Allen (1791-1814). Washington Dale was married to Eliza Carver.

Stampless Letter


Addressed to Alexander Dale, Harrisburg, Fayette County, Indiana

Boston, Nelson County, Kentucky
September 16, 1849

Uncle Alexander (Zander) Dale and Aunt Margaret Dale,

I embrace this opportunity of writing to you and all my relations — particularly to my cousins — with that greatest of pleasure and hope that we may meet in that greatest of harmony and joy. It would be a pleasure and satisfaction to me. I will inform you that I am in better health than I was when you was here and hope that these lines may find you all well. The relations so far as I know is all well and doing well in this country.

I received your letter this day by the hand of Nancy. She asks me to take a trip to see you and I told her that if I could fix it to leave, we would come…we will come in course of a month. I want you to introduce me to all my relations if [we] come and if I don’t come, I want you to do the same.

I want you to give my best respects to cousin Eliza and cousin Washing Dale that promised to write to me as soon as they got home. I haven’t got no letter from them. Cousin Washing and cousin Eliza is very much esteemed in this country by the connections. As to say anything about any of the other cousins, I can’t. I would like to see some of them. tell some of the single ones to come and see us. I never have had the pleasure to see them and now I am diseased and can’t say whether I can come or not. I intend to come if God spares me to live. If I don’t come this fall, I will say cousins, uncles, and aunts — I will say to you all — come and see me for fear you may not see me at all. Come now — come this fall. Come and you will not regret your trip. no not at all.

Now I can say no more on this subject. I want you to write to me and tell me of your lives and tell me of your children and also tell of your wives. I will tell you I have four boys – two by my first wife, and two by my last wife. One of my wives name Eliza Ann and the other one Emily. My first son named Fonrose, second one Bur, third one Alexander, four one Lorenzo. And now I give my best love to all and hope that you may accept of it and suffer me to subscribe myself your nephew and friend, and well wisher till death, — Bowman Florence


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