1815: Maria (Nicholson) Montgomery to James Witter Nicholson

This letter was written by Maria (Nicholson) Montgomery (1775-1868), the daughter of Commodore James Nicholson (1737-1804) and Frances Witter (1744-1832). She wrote the letter to her brother, James Witter Nicholson (1773-1851).

Maria married John Montgomery (1764-1828) in 1809. Montgomery was a lawyer and a member of Maryland state house of delegates, 1793-1798, 1800-1805, 1819; U. S. Representative from Maryland 6th District, 1807-1811; Maryland State Attorney General, 1811-1818; Mayor of Baltimore, Maryland, 1820-1822, 1824-1826. He was the son of Col. John Montgomery (1722-1808).

Albert Gallatin

Maria mentions Thomas Witter Nicholson (1803-1869) — the son of James W. Nicholson. She also mentions “Mr. G.” who was Albert Gallatin (1761-1849) — the famous politician and U.S. Secretary of Treasury — who was married to their sister Hannah Nicholson (1766-1849). Joshua Seney married their sister Frances (“Fanny”) Nicholson (1771-1851).

Stampless Letter

Addressed to James W. Nicholson, Esq., New Geneva, Pennsylvania

Baltimore [Maryland]
October 16th 1815

My dear brother,

I wrote to you sometime ago to inform you that the glass has never yet come to hand although Col. Harris says that there have been a great many waggons from Pittsburg.If it is lost to me I hope you will not be obliged to pay for it as I think it a very hard case. Is there no responsibility attached to it from the persons from whom you bought it? Mr. Montgomery says glass sells cheap here now & as I am in want & have been waiting for your present (for which I thank your intentions as much as if I had received it), if it is not yet made as may be the case (so many opportunities having occurred to send it) had you not better forbid the exportation & get what I want here? Let me know your opinion on the subject.

I hope you & Thomas arrived safe at home & found your family well. We are all well here. Joshua & Robert came on last week from New York & left all well there. I paid to Joshua your order in favor of sister Seney for taxes on my Father’s lands as I have none to come after me. I think if I could, I would rather sell my proportion. Mr. Gallatin & sister [Hannah] are now in Washington. James remains in New York where the family will pass the winter & where Mr. Gallatin talks of settling.

Robert Seney is to remain with me for the purpose of studying law with his uncle M.

God bless you & yours, my dear brother. Accept & present to them the affectionate remembrances of your sister, — Maria Montgomery


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