1837: Gilbert Palmer et al. to Robert McClelland & Warner Wing

Gilbert Palmer’s Gravestone

This petition was written by Gilbert Palmer (1793-1840) who came to Michigan Territory in 1833, the first Supervisor of Exeter Township, set off from London Township in 1836, in Monroe County, Michigan. Signatories include Henry H. Herkimer (1803-1874), Orre Coppernoll (1817-1884), and other early settlers of Monroe County.

The petition was addressed to Robert McClelland (1807-1880) and Warner Wing (1805-18xx). Both men were prominent attorneys in Monroe, Michigan.

Stampless Letter

Addressed to Robert McLelland & Warner Wing, Esqrs., Detroit

To the Senate and House of Representatives of the State if Michigan Greeting

Whereas certain Highway taxes to a considerable amount had been assessed on nonresident land lying an being in the town of Exeter while it remained as a part of the township of London and are now almost or quite all collected and paid over to the Road Commissioners and Supervisors of the town of London aforesaid and have never as yet been applied to the repairing of the roads and bridges in the reverse road districts where said lands are situated although having been frequently demanded by our Supervisor and Commissioner of Highways. Therefore, we your petitioner citizens and inhabitants of the town of Exeter humbly represent to your honourable body the propriety of passing an act authorizing our Supervisor or Highway Commissioners to ask and, if necessary, to sue for and receive the same to the intent that they may be applied as is now directed by the state__ in such case made and provided.

Exeter, December 18th 1837

Gilbert Palmer
Henry Herkimer
Albert Robinson
Henry Palmer
Orre Coppernoll
P____ Smith
Nelson Roelf
Thomas Burgess


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