1835: Capt. Preserved S. Storms to Capt. Peter Storms

This letter was written by Capt. Preserved S. Storms (1813-18xx), the son of Capt. Peter Storms (1790-18xx) and Susan Collins (1790-18xx). Preserved married Mary Ann Bourne (1813-1897), daughter of Benjamin Bourne, on 15 September 1836 in Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts.

Stampless Cover


Addressed to Capt. Peter Storms, Monument, Barnstable County, Massachusetts

Maracaybo [Maracaibo, Venezuela]
January 23d 1835

Dear Mother,

1835 Letter

I now have the pleasure of informing you that I arrived from Cucuta on the 8th but sick with the fever and ague having been capsized in the river and losing about everything say [save?] my clothes and fifteen hundred dollars. But thank God my health is better. Father left on the 21st for Saint Thomas and the William will leave for the same place on the 30th on their return. The 2 vessels go on the Indian Coast and take in a load of Brazil wood and from there [go] home. Father, I expect and hope, will go in one of the vessels. Business is at present dull but I think improving. Peter is well and sends his best respects as likewise Capt. Bergner. I hope soon to go home and see you all for if I wait to have anything to take, I shall have to stop a long time if I do not have better luck than I have had this last 4 months.

Hoping that your health is entry good and that in 6 or 8 months I shall have the pleasure of seeing you, I am — dear mother — your affectionate son, — Presv’d Storms

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