1836: Luther Parker to Isaac Parker

Isaac Parker Gravestone

This letter was written by Luther Parker, the son of Jonathan Parker (1780-Aft1836) and Hepsibah Field. When this letter was written in 1836, I believe they all lived in the vicinity of Jericho, Vermont.

Luther wrote the letter to his uncle Isaac Parker (1781-1852) of Littleton, Grafton County, New Hampshire. Isaac was married to Anna Hoskins (1786-1875). Isaac Parker’s parents (Luther’s grandparents) were Jonathan Parker and Elizabeth Atkins.

In this letter, Luther describes his journey home in a one-horse carriage or wagon from Littleton, New Hampshire to Jericho, Vermont, over wet and snow-covered roads. The journey took him through Cabot and Middlesex, Vermont.

Stampless Letter

Addressed to Mr. Isaac Parker, Littleton Village, New Hampshire

Jericho [Vermont]
February 13th 1836

Absent Uncle and Friends,

I now, after waiting some time for a better opportunity, attempt to write a few lines to you agreeable to your request. We got home well and found our folks well. It rained that morning we started for home an hour or two and then come round cold and was very unpleasant. Our horse after traveling a spell grew better. We got through to Cabot that night before dark. We stayed to Jerry’s & theirs till Sunday night. Then we went to James’ ____, stayed there till Tuesday. Monday it snowed all day. The snow fell twenty inches deep. It was very bad traveling on Tuesday, indeed. We stayed in Middlesex that night and the next night got home. We were more scared about the horse than we need to have been come to get home. The man said she was subject to being lame.

Mother’s eyes are not any better than they were when we were at Littleton. I have no more news to write this time. Rufus has been home today. His family is well. Father says if you can’t come over next fall when Uncle Chase comes, you must come over and make your visit and then go up to Montpelier to [e]lection.

In the spring when we find how things are going, I will write you another letter.

Isaac, I want you and [your son] Luther should write to me after you receive this. Luther said he would write and now if he don’t, I shall think he is not a man of his word. Don’t say you can’t write because I guess you can write as good a letter as this is if you try.

Give my love to Ebenezer and Mary and Clarissa. — Luther Parker

You may ask _____ Thompson if he wants to come over and look him a farm. There is plenty of farms for sale. There is a number of farms within a mile or a mile and a half from the center of the town for sale.


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