1844: Alex Bawn to Joshua Delano

The identity of those individuals mentioned in this letter have not yet been confirmed. The letter looks to have been written by Alex Bawn and was clearly written to Joshua Delano who either owned or had the authority to lease a schooner named Red Rover. In this letter, Alex writes on behalf of Capt. Bears who seeks the Red Rover to use for 8 months.

Joshua Delano of Kingston was a delegate to the Worcester Convention of the Whig Party in June 1844.

Stampless Letter

Addressed to Joshua Delano, Esq., Kingston, Massachusetts

Osterville, [Barnstable County, Massachusetts]
March 7, 1844

Mr Joshua Delano Sir,

Capt. O. W. Bears that sailed the Schooner Vis____ wants the schooner Red Rover to take her place. He has not had any vessel of his own since he sold his not Regularly, but is in search for one this Spring. The Business has been better the 2 last years than any tranch___ business. Our vessel has paid very well. We did better than last year than we did the year before it. I think it will be a good chance for your vessel for we do not want her only about 8 months. Then she can go south if you want her to go that way. If Capt. Bears can have the vessel, write as soon as you can for the chance is better than you expect. I will write you more particulars if you conclude to let us have the vessel. You must think that we have some advantages. The wear is not much more than if she laid in the dock all the summer season if her sails was bent.

Respectfully yours, — Alex Bawn

If we can have the vessel, let us know as soon as you can and at what time we can have her. I have not any more paper. If I had, I would write more and a hurry. Excuse. AB


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