1832: Darwin Noble Edson to Thomas Gates

This letter was written by Darwin Noble Edson (1809-1884), the son of Willis Edson (1783-1823) and Sally Noble (1783-1858). Darwin married Hannah Bliss (1807-1883) in June 1833. Darwin moved his family to Delaware County, New York in the 1840s.

The letter appears to be addressed to Thomas Yates, but I was not able to find any “Yates” family residing in Unadilla in the 1830s. There were, however, “Gates” families and I suspect that the recipient of the letter was probably Thomas Gates.

Stampless Letter


Addressed to Mr. Thomas Gates, Unadilla, Otsego County, New York

Palenville [New York]
December 3d 1832

Dear Sir,

1832 Letter

I am sensible of my negligence in not writing to you before. Perhaps you may think that I have forgotten you but I will assure you that when affection gets placed in our youthful days, it is not easy to forget a friend. I often think of you and reflect back upon the many pleasant hours that we have spent together and am in hopes that I shall have the pleasure of seeing you together with Willis next spring as business will not permit me to come to Unadilla before next June or July unless I should get the sack, which all journeymen are liable to.  Matrimonial affairs &c.

I read a letter from T. Hayes while in New York [City] stating the time that he would be in Catskill. I went down but was disappointed. Spent a few hours with Mr. Gates very pleasantly. He told me that Willis could come out here this winter if he liked. Tell him that I shall expect to see him and Sally this winter. I was down to Catskill last week. Saw A. Hayes. He has a job for a year and works very steady, is much liked by his employer. I met old friend __ Delimarter. He is foreman in Decker’s establishment. His sister was married a few days ago. Thus they drop off one after another. There is aplenty in this country but they [are] Dutch, not reformed. If it were not for my business, Palenville would not hold me long.

I expect Unadilla has altered so that I shall hardly be able to recognize the old city when I chance that way. You must excuse the shortness of my letter. Answer it by giving me a final description of matters and things. Give my respects to all the family. Tell Mother that I am well and full of business &c. Let me know something about Boos Wright. I wrote to him once but the jack ass took no notice of me. I have nothing more to say. You see, my epistle is one of enquiry. Answer this immediately and you will confer a favor on one not worthy of your correspondence.

— D. N. Edson


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