1823: Pierson Lewis to Eliza Morrison

This letter describes the death of Ezekiel Morrison (1792-1823) in Greenville, Mississippi. Ezekiel was the son of Robert Morrison (1744-1826) and Elizabeth Holmes (1754-1808) of Petreborough, New Hampshire. Miss Eliza Morrison may have been Elizabeth Morrison (b. 1814), the daughter of Robert Morrison (1784-1861) and Betsey Spring (1787-1877).

The cause of Ezekiel’s death is not stated in the letter but family records indicate he died at age 30 years and 10 months in Greenville, Mississippi, on 11 September 1823. Perhaps he was a victim of the Yellow Fever epidemic that prevailed in the Mississippi River valley in that year.

The identity of Pierson Lewis has not been confirmed.

Stampless Letter

Addressed to Miss Eliza Morrison, Peterborough, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

[Greenville, Mississippi]
September 28th 1823

Miss Eliza Morrison,

I received your letter dated August 17th directed to your uncle Ezekiel Morrison expressing your wish to see him and your desire you had for him to write to you and the health and welfare of your family. But alas — Miss — I must say to you that before your lines reached this place, his pen was inactive and his eyes closed in death and his body consigned to its mother dust. I attended and saw his decently buried.

He said the day before he died that he was willing to die [and] that he believed he was as well prepared as ever he should be. I have wrote more fully to your grandfather Morrison on the subject. Give my best wishes to him and your Mama.

With esteem, I remain your friend, — Pierson Lewis

N. B. If my other letter should not reach your Grandpa, you will direct your letters to Pierson Lewis, Greenville, Jefferson County, State of Mississippi


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