1848: Warren McClellan True to Josiah C. Beal

What Warren M. True might have looked like.

This letter was written by Warren McClellan True (1826-18xx), the son of Samuel True (1786-1870) and Jane Beal (1795-1882) of Bradford, Penobscot County, Maine. Other siblings of Warren included: Mary Jane True (b. 1819), Lydia Ann True (b. 1820), Josiah True (1822-1902), Rebecca True (1822-1859), and Cyrus True (1829-1900).

Warren wrote the letter to his cousin, Josiah C. Beal (1835-1887), the son of Josiah Beal (1803-18xx) and Nancy Thompson (1804-1892).

Stampless Letter

Addressed to Mr. Josiah C. Beal, City of Columbus, Georgia

Bradford [Maine]
September 10th 1848

Dear Cousin Josiah,

I received your letter of August 20th. We were all very glad to hear from you as it had been a long time since we heard from you. I did not know but you had forgotten us but we are glad to hear that you have not. We are all well at present. Josiah & I have been at home this summer farming. He is not married yet and is not likely to be and as for myself, I have not thought anything about it yet, but perhaps I may sometime as they all will do so.

Rebecca is at home at present. She intends to go to school at Corinth this fall. Cyrus is at Bangor learning his joiner’s trade. He is to work about one year long.

As for Mary J. & Lydia, they have not quite half a dozen flaxen heads — both of them. Mary J. has two girls & Lydia has two girls and a boy. Josiah talks of going into the woods this winter but does not know certainly as wages are not so high as they were last year. I shall probably teach school this winter if I stay about home. I want you to write as soon as you receive this and let me know how long you have been in Georgia, how you like the place and your business, how long you intend to stay, what wages you get, &c. If you are going to stop there this winter, I should like to come out and see the country and spend the winter if you think I can get a chance to earn anything. I was at Massachusetts last fall and spent 5 or 6 weeks looking round. [I] earned about enough to pay my bills and come home feeling better. But I must close by bidding you goodbye for the present, hoping to hear from you again as soon as possible.

From your cousin, — Warren M. True


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