1847: Martha Albro to Ira Albro

This letter was written from Martha Albro to her son, Ira Albro (1809-1898) and his wife, Betsey Dunham (1819-1880) who were married in September 1839. They lived near the DuPage — Kane County line in Illinois.

Martha was the second wife of John Albro (1776-1861) of Persia, New York.

Stampless Letter


Addressed to Mr. Ira Albro, St. Charles, Kane County, Illinois

Lodi [Seneca County, New York]
December 4th 1847

Dear children,

Page 1

I have seated me self to write a few lines to you to let you know how we get along. We are quite well at present and I hope these lines will find you enjoying the same. My health is better than it has been for two years. Your Father is well and the rest of us. Jerome has been unwell for a little spell. He has had the rash. It was all over him like fine. The Doctor said it saved him a fit of sickness. Eliza is well. Our neighbors is well.

It is very sickly among the Indians — a fever. They are dying. More than twenty have died. John Docky is one. Died last Saturday.

Page 2

It is very rainy. No snow. Warm for the season. James and family well when I heard from them. I have not heard from Gustavus yet. We have not received the flower [flour] yet and don’t think we shall. Benson has spent considerable time looking for it but can’t find it. We send every week out to Buffalo by Mr. Palmer but don’t hear any thing from it. The apples we sent, I hope you got. I was afraid they would cost you more than they were worth. Your Father had not the money to pay the freight or he would have done it. I don’t want you to worry any about the flower [flour]. We may get it when the harbor gets more cleaned. It has been a perfect jam there this fall. The Merchants have been troubled about finding their goods. Mr. Palmer is going out again and he says he will try to find it. We felt very glad when we heard you was going to send us some flower [flour] but I guess we shall not starve. We have got some corn and some other things — not much. I shall send you some dried apples in the spring if I can get a chance.

Eliza wants to send Adrian something. We want to see him very much. I have nothing more to write at present. My paper and pen so poor I don’t know as you can read it. I want you to write as soon as you get this. Our love to you and Betsey and your boy. Tell him that his grandmother wants to see him. Give my love to Mrs. Dunham and Mr. Dunham and family.

This from your Mother, — Martha Albro


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