1847: Samuel Warren Preble to Matilda Caroline Preble

Gravemarker for Samuel W. Preble and his wife Lydia Abbie Wilson

This letter was written by Samuel Warren Preble (1826-1897) to his sister Matilda Caroline Preble (1821-1904). They were two of nine children born to Capt. Samuel Preble (1785-1841) and Sally A. Savage (1784-1865) of York, York County, Maine.

When this letter was written in 1847, Samuel appears to have been living in Salmon Falls, New Hampshire where he was engaged in the hat business. He married Lydia Abbie Wilson (1837-1904) in 1853 and relocated to California after the Civil War where he took up farming. He was enumerated in Santa Clara in 1866 and later settled in Tustin, Los Angeles County, California.

Stampless Letter


Addressed to Miss Matilda C. Preble, Care of Charles B. Bragdon, Winthrop, Maine

Salmon Falls [Strafford County, New Hampshire]
October 12, 1847

Dear Sister,

Page 1

I was down home last Tuesday. Did not see you as you had started the same day for Monmouth. Hope you had a pleasant ride down. Presume you was not sick on board the boat. If not, you must have had a pretty fine time.

How are all the folks down East? How is Julie and Charles and the rest of the little Bragdons, George Lydia and Samuel all so as to be up and kicking, I suppose? Tell Charles I am coming down to give him a little bit of a shaking one of these days when I am not too busy at home. Tell Julia I shall want some of her soft Indian Cake such as she used to have when I was down there. You perhaps will think thats used but it is not. It is the new style that has come out lately.

Page 2

We have been having quite a time up here at Salmon Falls since you went down East. Nowell & Frost have failed, I believe, for four thousand — considerable of a sum for this little place, don’t you think so?

My business is very good at present. Hope it will be better soon because I think some of building a house and shall want some money to do it with. Think I shall put up a brick house. I guess I can get married then, what do you think? Made up with Mary Knight when I was down last or rather, I suppose, we have made up as we talked and kissed each other. Shouldn’t you think that was making up or down just as you are a using to take it. I spent one evening at Capt. Langdon’s. Had a fine time with the girls, &c., &c.

I expect they will have me engaged to Alma Smyth soon if not sooner, but I don’t think they will make more than twice, do you?

Page 3

I don’t know as I have much more news to write at present, but I might as well keep on scribbling as I have not much to [do] at present. And so here you have all the news I can think of.

Lunt and his family have gone to Groton to see her folks. I presume she will not come back again but I don’t know. They have not carried their furniture, but I expect Lunt back after it soon. Great people they. Oh! by the way, I understand you and Dummer are having quite a flirtation. Well all I have got to say is go it while you are young. I presume you will now want me to come down after you this winter. Will expect Dummer. Well, just as well. I can take a Lady down with me then. I guess you will feel bad. The girls were very anxious to find out who went home with you from that big wedding party of Capt. George Putman’s but they could not come it. I shall now close by sending my very best regards to all, and asking you to write soon & let me know all the news.

Yours as ever, — Sam’l W. Preble


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