1847: Samuel Webster Cobb to Nathan Bryant Cobb

Nathan Bryant Cobb in later years

This letter was written by Samuel Webster Cobb (1822-1898), the son of Daniel Cobb (1787-1868) and Marinda Bryant (1790-1860). He married Almira W. Ripley in 1849. He married 2nd to Caroline Emerson Davis (1833-1879) in 1868.

Samuel wrote the letter to his brother, Nathan Bryant Cobb (1827-Aft1890). Nathan married (1861) to Emily Celestia Cabot. He married second (1873) to Mary Jennie Gardner.

A third brother — Daniel Bryant Bliss Cobb (1819-1857) — is mentioned in the letter. He married (1851) to Diantha I. West.

Stampless Letter

Addressed to Mr. N. B. Cobb, Derby Line, Vermont

Hanover [New Hampshire]
March 8, 1847

Dear Brother,

Here I am at my old stand sitting on the tall stool with “pen in hand.” I arrived at Strafford at 10 o’clock Friday evening, our folks all abed. Father got up and let me in and we had a long, long talk about the boys, his journey, &c. &c. Father felt very much affected on learning you & Daniel were so sick. Have things all packed ready for a start when he received Mother’s letter and would come up now should you wish it — is very anxious that you should come home by sleighing. Oh! I do hope you will be able!

Found our people all well. Little Lucy has been very sick and cousin Elis Johnson is nearly worn our taking care of her. The baby was so unwell that the doctor did not take off his clothes for five nights. Melinda has a very bad throat — could hardly speak when I got home.

I found the traveling to use Mr. Baxter’s words, terrible! terrible!! as far as Cabot [but] good the rest of the distance. I went as far as Col. Warner’s the first day. Took me till half past 7 o’clock. However, drove home the 2d day, got there not till after 10 o’clock P.M. pretty well used up. Mr. Baxter will find the roads good now. All the trouble will be in turning out with two horses.

Saw Elder Bu____ and Doctor Sabin at Judge Harris’ Saturday. The Elder says he remembers sister Cobb in his prayers since she has been in Derby Line and he also prays you and Daniel may speedily recover &c. &c.

Father saw Aunt Mary in New York. She had had an offer of twenty dollars a month and five dollars a month allowed for board to go to Worcester, Massachusetts and take charge of a Millinery Shop. She had not concluded whether to go on yet when he left.

It is doubtful whether Francis Johnson will go to Derby at present. I will write ____ when I have time. Mrs. Morse said she would write to you. Respects to Caroline. Love to Mother, Daniel & yourself. Respects to all others.

In great haste, your brother — S. W. Cobb

I send 2 flesh brushes in Mr. Butler’s Box which will get there Wednesday.


2 responses to “1847: Samuel Webster Cobb to Nathan Bryant Cobb

  • Anne McCart Drolet

    Hi – I am excited to find this blog and the letter you’ve posted. Samuel Webster Cobb is my great-great-great grandfather. Nathan Cobb’s son – Gardner B Cobb (1869-1967) – passed along to my grandmother his father’s and mother’s (Jennie Gardner) letters and diaries. In the course of time, I now have the collection. If you still have a scan of this letter, I’d love to have one. I hope to find a way to preserve this part of my family’s history and it’s great to discover one more piece. Thanks!

    • Griff

      Scans of this letter are posted on the blog with the letter. Just click on each image to enlarge it and then save each image to your computer. — Griff

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