1837: Elisha Perry to Gen. Byron Diman

Byron Diman

In a history of Barnstable County, Massachusetts, it is reported that the “Monument post office was established in February 5, 1828, the mail being received from horseback riders until 1832, when a stage line was established. Elisha Perry was the first postmaster, with the office at his store.”

Perry wrote the letter to Byron Diman (1795-1865) who began his career in a counting house but later engaged in the whaling and mill businesses. He became a politician and in 1846 became the 19th Governor of Rhode Island. His military title came from his service in the Rhode Island militia.

Stampless Letter

Addressed to Gen. Byron Diman, Bristol, Rhode Island

Monument [Massachusetts]
November 27, 1837

Gen. Byron Diman,

Dear Sir. Permit me to address you in behalf of Mrs. Mary G. C. Perry. I am informed that Kimbal Perry is making great exertions to induce the Committee of the L. C. Richmond to convey the company’s interest in her to him, and that one of the committee are in favor of so doing. I hope and trust you will not accede to such a transaction. If I rightly understand the business, you now have power to sell the quarter part, which myself and Mrs. Perry would like to have done and for you to hold her part of the proceeds in your hands.

Kimbal has already got in his hands nearly all the Co.’s other property and it’s very uncertain whether she ever gets anything from him. Under those circumstances, it ‘s to be presumed and expected that the committee will with one voice, while in their power, see that the widow and fatherless have justice done them. I expect to be in Bristol about the 15th of December.

Respectfully yours, — Elisha Perry


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