1847: Ira W. Lewis to Ahira Lewis

Gravestone of Ahira Lewis

This letter was written by Ira W. Lewis (1802-1886) of Randolph, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. Ira was married to Sarah Wales (1803-1889).

Ira wrote the letter to his cousin, Ahira Lewis (1804-1892) of Morristown, Lamoille County, Vermont. Ahira was the son of David Lewis (1773-1850) and Hannah Kinne (1785-1812). He was married to Elvira E. Thayer.

Stampless Letter


Addressed to Mr. Ahiva Lewis, Morrisville, Vermont

Randolph [Massachusetts]
September 13th 1847

Dear Cus. Ahira,

As I promised to write you on my arrival home, I will now endeavor to make good my promise by writing a few lines. After we left your town, we were crammed into the stage and after a ride of about seven hours through the heat and dust we found ourselves landed at the Springs both dry and hungry. We made a stop here two days and then left for Barnard and made a bold stand at Aunt Polly’s for you know how glad she is to receive her friends. So we did not hesitate to come to a _____ there. Well, we thought we would maker her once glad, so we staid two nights with them and then bid them good bye, but not without the shedding of many tears on her part. We next let go our anchor at Uncle David’s and staid until Monday where we enjoyed ourselves much and then parted with your father probably for the last time here on the earth for I do not expect ever to behold his face or his white locks again. And when I took the last look of him, it seemed to me to be for the last time. And so we left him with the rest of the family. We staid with Julia one night and had a pleasant visit although Mr. Thayer was not at home. He had gone to Boston on business to pay the mortgage that Mr. Ba___ held on his place as I was told. So I did not see him for which I was very sorry. We left Woodstock Wednesday morning for home and when we got to Concord, we made Mr. West a visit and stop’t over night with them and then left for Randolph where we arrived on Tuesday at five o’clock and found our friends all well. And as to our health, it is good at present.

As for news, I have not much to write you at this time. In regard to the cheese, I wish you would take the trouble to call on Mr. Warren Goodale and his brother and ascertain when they will send it to Boston. Tell them I would like to have them put the cheese into separate boxes if it won’t cost more than 8 or 10 cents a cheese. I should like to have them keep the cheese until about the middle of next month and I will meet them in Boston and pay for the same. Give my love to Esq. Allen and say to him if he concludes to let me have his cheese that I should like to have it come with Mr. Goodale’s. Tell them to send it by a good man and I will pay the market price which I think will not be far from six cents besides the carting. When I was at Barnard, I wrote you concerning butter and I wish you to let me know about it when you write me. If it is not good, I do not want it and if it is good, I should like to see it when it comes to market. Find out what time he expects to market his butter, &c.

Please write me on the receipt of this and let me know what you mean to do in regard to your cow. Whether you will send her on ____ business calls and I must go so I bid you good bye for this time but I will write you after receiving a letter from you which I will expect as soon as you receive this. Our love to you and wife and all our friends and the Little Boy H.

Ira W. Lewis


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