1851: Rev. Daniel Robinson to Rev. Samuel Pomeroy

This letter was written by Rev. Daniel Robinson (1806-1863), the son of Hiram Robinson and Anna Foster of Norway, New York. Robinson was a Baptist minister with pastorates in Springfield, Kingston, Claverack, and Hillsdale, New York. He later relocated to Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Rev. Samuel Pomeroy was the minister of the 2nd Baptist Church in Hillsdale, Columbia County, New York, at the time this letter was written in 1851.

Stampless Letter


Addressed to Rev. Samuel Pomeroy, Hillsdale, Columbia County, New York

December 17, 1851

Mr. Pomeroy, dear Sir,

Yours of November 28 has been received for which I thank you in as much as it informs me what a misguided brother is doing to injure not only me but the the cause of God also. In regard to my stating to the Brethren of Cornwall Church that my salary stopped in my absence from Kingston, the following are the facts.

Some 6 or 8 months previously to my going to Cornwall at a business meeting in Kingston, I proposed to the church if they would raise my salary to 450, I would give them what I should receive wherever I labored during the year in meetings here and there, & when I was in Cornwall, my conviction was that the church in Kingston accepted my proposal & so strong was my conviction that at a business meeting after my return from Cornwall, I offered the brethren the 40 or 50 dollars which I received at Cornwall. This, I think, was several weeks after I parted with Elder Ellis but my brethren assured me that I made such a proposal but that it was mistaken in regard to their accepting it. I asked is there any ___ or crime in being forgetful? If so, who is without sin on this point.

The circumstances are these in regard to Elder E’s going to Kingston. I had preached my farewell sermon as I though & the people had made a collection for my 7 weeks or more labor I think when Deacon Lawton & I think some others said that I must not leave, the interest was such, & stated that they would get Elder E to go & remain at Kingston until I returned. I asked how Elder Ellis would be remunerated. They said that they would see to that — or so said the Deacon — so that I had no hand in employing Brother Ellis but merely acquiesced in their arrangement. Hence, I did not, nor do I now, regard myself at all to blame if he was not amply paid. But allow me to say that the brethren of Cornwall told me that they took several dollars — 4 or 5 I think — out of the collection made for me & gave it to Elder Ellis before he left for Kingston saying to me that they would refund it, which if they did I was not aware of it. Beside Elder Ellis boarded & had his washing in my family the whole amounting + cash & all to some 10 or 12 dollars & on his return the brethren in Cornwall gave him several dollars more as they informed me. Besides, they conveyed him both ways.

The above facts, I think I can substantially prove by brethren in Kingston & in Cornwall & moreover, I think that Elder Ellis knows them to be true or has been informed of the truth of that part of the above which he was dependent upon others for a knowledge of. And what motive he can have in circulating such a report, I am not able to say, and dear sir, now if you can point out an error or a wrong in my course, it will afford me great pleasure to rectify it.

If you wish me not to suffer wrongfully, I think that you will, when convenient, show the above to those who have heard Elder Ellis’ statements. As you feel interested in this, I hope that you would write the church of Kingston & learn in regard to the correctness of my statements touching matters between me & them as above stated. Please do to me as you would that I should do to you under like circumstances. I think that I shall take proper measures in relation to Elder Ellis as I learn he is not far from me for I design to wrong no man nor do I intend to suffer sin upon a brother.

I remain yours truly, — Daniel Robinson


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