1841: Samuel John Bayard to Thomas L. Servoss

Location of Seneca Falls, NY

This letter was written by Samuel John Bayard (1801-1878), the son of Samuel and Martha (Pintard) Bayard of Princeton, New Jersey. Samuel married Jane Ann Winder Dashiell (1808-1898) in 1833, resided for a short time in Seneca Falls, New York, and then moved to Iowa Territory as homesteaders in 1843, settling in Fairfield. Samuel gave up his farm in Iowa in the late 1840s and returned to New Jersey. Samuel and Jane Ann’s oldest son was George Dashiell Bayard (1835-1862), an 1856 graduate of West Point who died from wounds received at the Battle of Fredericksburg in 1862.

Bayard wrote the letter to Thomas L. Servoss of New York City. Thomas was a native of Philadelphia who moved to NYC in 1827 and established a line of ships that sailed a regular service between New York City and New Orleans. He was the manager of the American Bible Society, the Public School Society, and other organizations during various years while a resident of NYC.

Stampless Letter

Addressed to Thomas L. Lemoss, Esq., Broom[e] Street, New York [City]

Seneca Falls, [New York]
January 7, 1841

My dear sir,

My name will be presented to the next administration for the appointment of U. S. Marshal of this, the Northern District of this state. I shall have a pretty strong support among the prominent men of this part of the state and with reasonable aid from elsewhere shall have a fair chance of success.

Will you do me the favor of interesting for me any of your friends among the politicians. I learn of only two or three rival candidates yet — tho’ none formidable — there will be many, no doubt, as the office is lucrative.

I hear that James Lorimer Graham will push for this office Mordecai Ogden of Elmira. Pray enquire cautiously if this is so. And if not, endeavor to secure him for me. Mr. Silas M. Stillwell’s aid I deem important and should feel happy to obtain it. If I succeed, I shall override all my difficulties. Otherwise, I presume there is no hope for us.

Yours truly, — Sam’l J. Bayard


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