1825: Hiram Howard to John White

Walker’s Pronouncing Dictionary

This letter was written by Hiram Howard (1802-18xx), the son of Samuel Howard (1763-1813) and Lydia Coburn (1767-18xx). Hiram’s brother was James Howard (1798-18xx) who married Elemor Church. I believe Hiram’s older sister, Lydia Howard (1798-18xx) married Joshua Burdett in 1818.

Hiram wrote the letter to John White (1766-1842) of Shrewsbury, Vermont.

It isn’t clear whether the Tristram Page identified in the following obituary is Hiram’s cousin with whom he visiting in Deering, New Hampshire. Weare is only about five miles from Deering, New Hampshire. This Tristram Page was the son of Jonathan Page (1750-18xx) and Miriam Barnard (1749-18xx). He was married in 1826 to Sophronia Duncan

DIED. In Weare. Mr. Tristram B. Page, aged 55. He weighed 375 lbs. and was able to walk about until the day of his death. — The New Hampshire Gazette 10 April 1832.


Addressed to Mr. White, Shrewsbury, Vermont

Dunstable [New Hampshire]
March 27, 1825

Mr. White sir,

Page 1

I wish you to send me my trunk with my summer’s clothes, together with the following articles: hand-saw, medical dictionary, Walker’s Pronouncing Dictionary, Thompson’s Narrative and Family Phistion, Morse’s Geography and Atlas, [Lindley] Murray’s Grammar, and Tompson’s dogret poems.

Put the key belonging to it in the trunk and take a key from the till of my chest with which you may lock it.

Direct it to Nashua Village in Dunstable, New Hampshire. Let it be forwarded as soon as is expedient after the reception of this, which I shall seal with a black seal in order that it may not be mis-carried and likewise that may be carried with a litness as that is most sure to forward a letter with speed.

Bottom Page 1

I had a very good journey though rather tedious traveling. I arrived at my Uncle Page’s in Deering the 5th of the present month and finding my cousin Tristram sick of a fever, I was prevailed on to tarry with him till the 10th day at night when I again per sued my journey 2 miles farther and the 11th got aboard of the stage and arrived at my brother’s in this place and concluded to work with him one month, at the expiration of which time I think I shall again set out for Boston, Massachusetts.

Give my respects to all who enquire and tell them I am in good health.

Page 2

The following I write to Mother. If you can make it convenient, I wish you to buy wool of a good quality and make me cloth enough for a coat, two pair of pantaloons, and a vest. I wish to have it more with a wale and dressed by a good workman. I intend it for handsome and I wish to have it done nice. The color to be deep blue for which I will pay you the cash.

Brother James sends their respects to you and all who enquire after them. I am your son, — Hiram

Lydia Burditt, Shrewsbury

P.S. If any take the trouble to write, let their epistles be directed to Nashua Village, New Hampshire

Hiram Howard, Nashua Village to Mr. John White, Shrewsbury, Vermont.

More on the other side.

I through carelessness forgot to write that you will have to send it* by the stage. It will go from Rutland to Windsor and thence to this place. I write this because we talked of having it sent by some of the merchants and this will not be on their way.

* my trunk


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