1848: Mercy (Keene) Hiscox to Pardon Hiscox

This letter was written by Mercy (Keene) Hiscox (1808-18xx) to her husband, Pardon Hiscox, Jr. (1809-Aft1887), son of Pardon Hiscox (1783-1860) and Sarah Gibbs (1782-1864).  Mercy and Pardon were married in March 1831 in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Pardon worked with his father as a boat builder in Warren, Rhode Island. Their children included: Elizabeth, Benjamin, James, and Mercy — and all are mentioned in this letter.

Mercy wrote the letter from Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, while visiting members of her family.

Stampless Cover


Addressed to Pardon Hiscox, Warren, Rhode Island

Mattapoisett [Massachusetts]
June 21 1848

Dear husband,

Page 1

I got here today about half past eleven and found ___ as well as common. Aunt Sally is quite feeble but was glad to see me. Mercy and myself have got over our colds and are well but are most tired out of visiting. Mercy is very happy and does not want to come home yet. She wants to see Elizabeth and father and all the rest. I asked her the other morning if she wanted to come home. She said don’t ask me again if I want to go home. I will tell you when I want to go home. She has been a very good girl.

I received your letter Monday night and was glad to hear that you re getting along so well. I hope you will continue to till I get home, if my life is soared — which I hope it will be. I feel that I am a great ways from you. I have had a very pleasant time so far. I shan’t go to Rochester this time for I shall get too tired out going so much. I shall come home next week of a Friday if nothing happens to me.

If Abby Pierce can wash again next week, I guess she had better for it will be so late in the week [that] I shan’t have time. Clarissy Staples is coming home with me. If you would like to come on after me, I should like to have you to do just as you think best. Aunt Sally says you must come. She wants to see you. I shall go to New Bedford next Monday, a week from today. I have not been to John’s yet. I have call there. When I go back, I shall go there to make a visit Thursday morning. I shall send this letter this morning.

Page 2

Mercy says now she wants to come home and see father and E. Deborah is down to Sipacan. Sally is going to send for her. I don’t know as I have time to write much more now for it is time the letter went. I hope through the blessing of God I shall return home again to you.

This from your unworthy but most affectionate wife, — Mercy Hiscox

Dear Elizabeth and Mary — now be good girls and do everything you can to please your father. Tell Benjamin and James to be good boys. I want to see you all. Clarissy Staples is in a great hurry to come and see you.


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