1850: George B. Field to Rev. Jedediah Burchard

Camp Meeting

This letter was written by George B. Field (1817-1892), the son of Amos Field (1782-1829) and Sophia Clary (1789-1858) of Adams, New York. George married Lenora Murphy in St. Louis, Missouri, in February 1847. George mentions his brother, Spafford Clary Field (1809-1880) in the letter. Spafford married Martha Ann Durgan in 1846 in Beloit, Wisconsin.

Field wrote the letter to the celebrated evangelist Rev. Jedediah Burchard — a fire and brimstone preacher working the burned over district of western New York state.

Stampless Letter


Addressed to Rev. J. Burchard, Bellville, Jefferson County, New York

Beloit, Wisconsin
September 27th 1850

Rev. J. Burchard
Dear Sir,

1850 Letter

My Brother Spafford Clary Field informs me that you are expecting to visit this country during the month of October next. I am now on a visit with my family to this place & were I certain that you would arrive here as soon as the middle of October, I would protract my stay until that time for the purpose of once more seeing my old friend & extending an invitation to visit St. Louis & accept the hospitalities of one who has always remembered you & yours with sincere affection. Please reply to me immediately & accept for yourself & Mrs. B. the kind regards of your friend & Servant, — George B. Field


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