1845: Sarah to Cornelia Elizabeth Boardman

Cornelia Elizabeth Boardman

The author of this letter has not yet been identified. She signed her name “Sarah” and datelined her heavily embossed letter from Philadelphia.

She sent the letter to Miss Cornelia Elizabeth Boardman(1808-1880) of New Milford, Litchfield County, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Elijah Boardman(1760-1823) and Mary Anna Whiting (1767-1848). Elijah was a United States Senator from Connecticut. Born to a noted and politically connected Connecticut family, he served in the United States Army before becoming a noted merchant and businessman. Becoming involved in property and land ownership in Connecticut and Ohio, he founded the towns of Boardman and Medina. His involvement in politics also increased, and he gradually rose through the ranks of the local, and then national government in the United States Senate. He served as Senator for Connecticut until his death in Ohio.


Addressed to Miss Cornelia E. Boardman, New Milford, Connecticut

Philadelphia [Pennsylvania]
25th of July 1845

My dear Nele,

Your kind communication of your “Always at home” and being happy to see your friends, was most gratefully received by your friend Sarah. Never did a weary pilgrim of the desert more ardently desire water to slake his burning thirst than did your weak and feverish friend for one current of air from the majestic hills. Wish we might have another such view as we viewed from the top of the house last summer. Hope you will be all alone, you well know my selfish spirit when with thee. And Mother has limited our time and we have promised to mind, if nothing prevents and all are well.

Next Wednesday eve shall see thee and thine to remain one short week. Therefore, have everything cut and dried in the talking line, and one request I have to make, concoct nothing, or put yourselves at all out of your usual routine. You know you never make strangers of us after our family visit last summer.  On account of that long visit, Mother stood out she would not come this year. And by the by, you say Aunt B. is not well. I propose she make herself ready and return with us. Whenever she says the word, we will see her back on our return. I have engaged to go to the Yellow Springs. How I would like her company. Now arrange in all for her to return with us.

Did you see the account in the paper of a Mr. Albert of Baltimore being deprived of his eyesight from the explosion of his wife’s bottle of salts? Mr. C. thinks it is Eliza’s husband. When I read, it did not occur to me. What has become of the Bride? Not one word have they heard from them. Mrs. Sharpleigh [Sharpley] told me yesterday she is a sweet and amiable woman and he is the same as you — admired. They are boarding and quite neighborly, from all accounts. Our friend Eliza A. is in bad health and looking 20 years older.

Now Nele, do not let anything persuade you to marry. Yes, as you have deferred so long. You would laugh if you knew how often you and ____ are brought up. Sometimes on change. What desecration you will exclaim of cerical dignity. You have had a fine time — 2 months in New York [City] and Flushing. Poor man…has he increased or decreased? And Mr. ____ would like to meet him on the top of Falls Mountain and read the manuscript we deposited there. Now I wish we could pay Eliza a visit together. The time may yet come. And poor Mary B_____. Sincerely do I sympathize with her. Her husband I always admired. Trust he may be restored. Wish they would come here when the weather is cooler and spend a time with us. You speak of her being at New Milford. Therefore, shall we see her?

My kindest regards to all friends. Thine as ever — Sarah


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