1842: George R. West to M. S. Weaver

Though the names appearing in this letter seem pretty clear, I have yet to determine the identity of either the author, George R. West, or the recipient, M. S. Weaver. The letter was written from Raleigh, North Carolina, and mailed to Philadelphia where we learn that George West was formerly employed by a “Mr. Dobson.”  There are six Dobsons in the 1842 Philadelphia Directory and I cannot narrow down which one was George’s employer based upon their professions because he doesn’t mention it. West does mention a mutual friend by the name of John French who appears in the city directory as a bootmaker.

Stampless Letter

Addressed to Mr. M. S. Weaver, North Six Street a few doors above Vine, Philadelphia, Pa.

Raleigh [North Carolina]
April 17th 1842

Mr. Weaver, Sir,

You will no doubt be surprised at the signature of this letter, but I hope not displeasing to receive a letter from me. I thought I should have been with you long since engaged in our usual and daily occupation, but from my great disappointment in not receiving a letter from employer Mr. Dobson, with a remittance to return, I am still here idle. It is surprising strange to me that Mr. Dobson has not taken the least note of four letters which I have written him since I left Philadelphia, and in every one expressing my anxiety to return to the work which I left unfinished and which I expected by this time to have completed. If you can give me any information with respect to Mr. Dobson’s views as regards me, it will be thankfully received.

Perhaps he does not wish me to finish the work. If there is any reason alleged by him for discharging me, please let me know as I have an offer which I shall feel myself at liberty to accept provided Mr. Dobson does not feel disposed to abide by our written contract.

I hope you will tell Mr. Dobson how disappointed I have been in not receiving any acknowledgement whatever to my repeated letters. I do not feel conscious of not having done my duty in any one point towards Mr. Dobson since he employed me.

Please answer the above request as soon as you can make it convenient. You have been disposed to befriend always and I hope you will not thinkI have taken too much liberty to write you the above. I hope I will be in some day able to reciprocate the favor.

Yours respectfully, — George R. West

Please give my respects to Mr. St. Clair & Family & our friend John French.


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