1809: W. Mills to James & Charles Allston

This letter is primarily a business transaction but it makes reference to an “outrage on the Chesapeake” that may have been the Chesapeake-Leopard Affair.

Stampless Letter

Addressed to Messrs. James & Charles Allston, Baltimore [Maryland]

Chaptico [Maryland]
24th April 1809

Dear Sirs,

Your favor of the 20th, it has been duly received. Our affairs with England will no doubt give new life to the Express commerce of this country, of course revive the drooping spirits of many a poor half ____ family. Our Government has of its infinite mercy & goodness thought proper not to bind with the substitution offered for the outrage on the Chesapeake — _____ of imprisonment. I have always expected Mr. Madison would face about. He has it much in his power to do many great & good things for his Country and I think he means to steer the ship of state into a friendly port.

You will, I hope, pardon me for taking the liberty of enclosing you $300 in this letter and perhaps before long I shall send you a little more. The Iron you sent me I fear will be gone before I can get a little more. Pray by the first opportunity send me a ton of well assorted Iron and 50 bushels good coal in the Iron. We wish some for banding, some axe backs & some plough plates. I wrote J&A Levering to send me some ____, say Imperial & Hyson, perhaps 30 of each will do. Pray remind them of it, & 10 gall port __ for sick people. It is much wanted here.

You forgot to send me the ____ writing paper. I will send the Mr. Levering’s some money by next mail. You can tell them so of you please tho’ the sum will perhaps be small. Still I will do all I can for them. I am with much esteem & love, your obedient servant, — W. Mills

In addition to the Iron wrote for in the within letter, we wish you to send one bundle large nail rods for the purpose of making Iron _____. Pray let the iron come on as quick as possible. I find we shall be soon out.


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