1852: George Patch & Co. to Flint, Peabody & Co.

Flood in Sacramento, California

This letter was written by George Patch who was a merchant in Colusa, California. He started business there in 1851.

Patch addressed the letter to his supplier, the Flint, Peabody & Co., shipping and commission merchants, in San Francisco. James P. and Edward P. Flint were partners with Alfred Peabody.

Stampless Letter


Addressed to Messrs. Flint, Peabody & Co., San Francisco, California.

Colusa [California]
March 14, 1852

Messrs. Flint, Peabody & Co.

Page 1

While others have suffered from flood, we have escaped, but unfortunately for us the incessant rains have so softened the roads that waggoners & muletters are laid by, and camped to await for weather.  Trade, in consequence, is dull, and we who had hoped  by promptness to build up, & sustain a credit inferior to none, fear that our anticipations and your wishes will be delayed a little longer the we intended. We are satisfied however that your good opinion of us will not be impaired i view of the causes (rain — over which we have no control) and alike its consequences.

The prospects for a good trade to good advantage are fair so soon as weather permits, we shall sell exclusively for cash, and shall remit to you without delay. This we write that you may rest easy as to any evil consequences to us, from the high water. The [Sacramento] River did not come within 6 feet of our bank, and is now falling fast.

Page 2

We fear our friends at Marysville have suffererd much, and in consequence that you may be the more in want of friends from which we regret the more, that trades backward here.

I wrote to Uncle Jerry Ford from Sac City [Sacramento] giving him a full and particular account of what I had done below — since when I have not heard from him [and] presume the flood engaged all his attentions. Should he be in your city, please allow him to see this. Please excuse this trespass on your time, and believe us respectfully yours, — George Patch & Co.

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