1838: Charlotte Theresa (Way) Pierce to Harvey Moulton Way

This letter was written by Charlotte Theresa Sye (Way) Pierce (1810-1896), the daughter of Selah Way (1764-1835) and Lucy Cross (1778-1861). Charlotte was the wife of William Pierce (1802-18xx). She wrote the letter to her brother, Harvey Moulton Way (1804-1871) who was married to Polly A. Griffin at Seneca Falls, New York. She also mentions another brother, Uriah Way (1813-1867) and someone named Gloria — presumably Uriah’s wife.

We learn from the letter that by 1838, Charlotte and William Pierce have at least two children: David Pierce and a little girl she called “sis.”

Stampless Letter


Addressed to Mr. Harvey Way, Town of Venice, Cayuga County, New York

Hamilton [New York]
December 9, 1838

Dear Brother & Sister,

After so long a time, I thought I would let you know that you were not entirely forgotten, but the multiplicity of cares that ever surround a man of a family and more over, we have been on the point of coming out there ever since you wrote. We went to Richland and calculated to come there. We staid a week and the horses got so poor that William said if he could get home the nearest way, he should be glad. And when we got home and got rec___ted, it was so late and going so bad we concluded to wait till sleighing. And now if we can get anything for the children to wear and any snow, you may well expect us in the course six or eight weeks if nothing happens.

As it regards our friends to Georgetown, I know but very little about them. I have been there but once since you was here. Uriah was here last week. Said Gloria had been very sick but was getting better. It has been very sickly here for this place — a great many deaths but our friends enjoy a good degree of health. Uncle & Aunt Payne enjoy good health with a few exceptions and the greatest of all is we have got the itch so bad we cannot keep in one position long enough to write nor nothing else. We are in hopes to rout it soon if Brimstone will do it.

I cannot write as much as I would for I cannot keep David off from the table nor sis off from my elbow. She says I must tell Uncle Harvey what a good girl she is but I tell her if nothing happens, she may come and let you see what you think about it yourself. Give our love to Uncle & Aunt. Tell I think a great deal about seeing them and sitting down and having a chit chat about matters and things. Tell Lyman we will bring a boy that will take him down anywhere and you must all get your ears fixed for musick and if anything should happen that we should not come, our cake would all be dough, shure enough. Just write soon and let us know whether you are in readiness or not and if you can’t read it, send it back. Our love to all the rest when we come. So farewell till I come.

Your sister in great haste, — Charlotte Pierce

Harvey & Patty Way


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