1844: Rev. Edwin Vedder to Jacob Settle

What Edwin Vedder might have looked like

This letter was written by Rev. Edwin Vedder (1815-1911), the son of James Jacobus Vedder (1786-1871) and Helen Lena Quackenbush (1786-1880). Rev. Vedder was married to Ida Williamson Voorhees (1819-1900) in July 1844.

Rev. Vedder wrote the letter to Jacob Settle (1792-1869) of Berne, Albany County, New York. Jacob was married to Cornelia Rose Walden (1799-Aft1850).

In the letter, Rev. Vedder advises the Reformed Dutch Church in Berne, New York, that he is no longer a candidate for the ministry of their church, having accepted an offer from a similar church in Little Falls, New Jersey. He suggests a promising graduate from Rutger’s College in New Brunswick named William Augustus Cornell (1818-1876), however, as a possible candidate in his place. Rev. Cornell became a preacher in the Reformed Dutch Church at Athens and Blooming Grove, New York, but gave up regular work in 1853 due to declining health and preached only occasionally until his death in 1876. In 1843, he married Helen M., daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Wyckoff, the former of whom was a native of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Stampless Letter

Addressed to Mr. Jacob Settle or one of the Consistory of the Reformed Dutch Church of Berne, Albany County, New York

New Brunswick [New Jersey]
October 10th 1844

Mr. Jacob Settle,

The business which has occupied my time in this place has taken such a turn as to render it altogether out of my power to return to Schenectady in season to preach for you next Sabbath according to my agreement. I therefore take the first opportunity to inform you of the fact. Having received a letter from the Consistory of the Church at Little Falls, New Jersey, I preached for them last Sabbath according to agreement. They have concluded to settle me as their minister and I have agreed to accept their call. It will therefore be out of my power to preach for you as a candidate. Yet if you require me to preach for you, I will do so one week from next Sabbath, the Lord willing. But if you prefer a candidate, allow me to introduce to your notice the Rev. William [Augustus] Cornell of the last graduating class. His address is New Brunswick, New Jersey. He is a young man of promising talents though not prepossessing in his address or appearance. He is allowed to be next to the best preacher of his class, and doubtless you would be pleased with him.

Please write to me in Schenectady whether you wish me to preach Sabbath after next and inform me also whether you have written to Mr. Cornell.

Yours with respect, — Edwin Vedder


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